Jumping Ship (Temporarily)

Hi, all!  This is just a quick post to let you know that I am switching blog venues for awhile…  I will not be posting on this site because honestly I don’t have enough time to keep them both up.  I mentioned that our family will soon start our first owner-builder project — contracting our own home.  We have lots of new adventures around the corner including numerous do-it-yourself projects and moving back in with my parents (along with 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 3 birds).  Yes, my mother is a saint.

Writing is a great outlet for me and this upcoming blog is an experiment of sorts for our family.  With that said, we need your support in the form of sheer numbers.  Please follow our build by subscribing to our blog, joining our Facebook page, etc. (all of the links are on the blog site).  If you know of anyone who might be interested in the blog, building their own home, or laughing as our family gives it the old college try, please share this post.

My goal as always is to entertain and educate so hopefully you won’t be disappointed…you can always unsubscribe if I bore you to tears;-)


Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jessie

Those That Sell Well Are the Most Easily Sold

I need stress relief this week, therefore I write.  I have sorely missed blogging and I need an outlet…so here we go again.  Please don’t hesitate to unsubscribe from my blog because it will have very little to do with health and wellness this time around.  I’m going to start blogging about the house that my husband (and I – ha) are getting ready to build.  It is going to be from a “non-handy-girl’s” point of view so it should be quite entertaining.  Heck, it may not have much to do with building either;-)

With that said, let’s talk about marketing.  We all have something to sell…it may be a product, a service, our personality, or even our companionship.  You don’t have to own a business to sell a product.  We all want to put our best foot forward.  We want to be liked.  We want to be loved.  We want validation for the things we do well.

Not everyone is good at selling.  Regardless of how great the product is, if it can’t be sold it fails.  On the flip side, you may have a mediocre product but if you can sell it, you’re a genius.  Case in point – the Snuggie (nuff said).

But some people are super sellers, master marketers, passionate pushers.  They could sell a comb to a bald man.  These are the people we need to be selling to…they are the most easily sold.

The Final Four

GRAVITY Experiment – The Final Four Days

Final Weight:  143.0

Total Pounds Lost in 60 Days:  7.5

Total Pounds I’ve Been Able to Lose and Keep Off in the Past 15 Years Before This Experiment (Not Counting Baby Weight):  Zero

So I’ve finally reached the end of this experiment.  I’ll admit my energy level to post daily was a lot higher at the beginning of the experiment than it was towards the end – sorry about that.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results though – I finally broke through a barrier and it feels really good on the other side.  My weight loss might not seem like a lot to some, but it’s huge for me.

So here are some details about how things played out…I lost 7.5 pounds…dropped a full pant size…lost 1.75″ at my waist, 1.75″ at my hips, and 1.5″ at my bust (that last one really stinks by the way).  I’ve realized that 10 pounds of weight loss is most likely “my happy place” more than 15 pounds is.

I didn’t share this early on but I used to struggle with an eating disorder and for me to accomplish weight loss in a healthy way without taking it to extremes is a huge deal.  The GRAVITY training alternating with cardio has been a great fit for me.  I think that the resistance training that the Total Gym offers has been the key to me losing weight and toning steadily throughout this experiment.

So here are my tidbits and observations over the past 60 days:

1)  More than the exercise you choose or the food you eat, accountability is one of the most important elements of any fitness and weight loss plan.

2)  You know you have willpower when you can turn down a Chocolate Bliss cupcake (nuff said).

3)  Strong is sexy.  Lift weights.

4)  People are less impressed with how you look than how you treat them.

5)  No matter how much weight I lose, I’m still going to wear a size 11 shoe.

6)  I know what Oreos taste like.  Why do I need to try one?

7)  No matter how hard I’ve looked, there is nothing healthy on the Waffle House menu.  Conclusion:  pecan waffles can be a part of a healthy diet near you (in moderation).

8)  No matter how hard I’ve looked, there is not an app that will work out for you.

9)  When you’re stressed, stress eating only makes things worse.

10)  Just do it.

Thanks to everyone who has read along and supported me through comments and encouraging words.  I do plan on continuing to blog – probably not at set intervals but definitely dealing with kids, life, running a business, friendships, marriage, and all the other things that make this life a little more fun and challenging 😉

Shark Bait and Hairy Chests

GRAVITY Experiment Days #54, #55 & #56

Today’s weight:  143.0 (can I just say that I’m very excited that I’m holding my own?!)

Pounds lost / pounds to go:  7.5 / 7.5

Exercise:  Not a blasted thing for the past 3 days – see below…

I have been a complete slacker for the past 3 days.  The cool thing is that I have figured out something during this experiment – my weight is less dependent on exercise than it is on what goes in my mouth.  I have been really good about not snacking and making healthier choices during the last half of this experiment and it has made all the difference regarding my weight.  I know that few people really want to hear that but it’s the truth.

This blog has been a memoir of sorts that I will eventually print out and pass along to my kiddos.  I have recorded simple events in our life that have made me laugh as well as childhood memories as my mommy brain has rediscovered some of my formative experiences.

So this post is simply an update on life right now for the Carters…

My oldest child turned 9 today.  Last night at 1:00 a.m. I looked at Rusty and said, “Can you believe that 9 years ago we were checking into the hospital?”  Addie was born a hoosier (Indiana that is).  Wow, a lot has happened since that chubby-cheeked baby came home to what she nicknamed the “brown house.”

The kiddos have been going to Vacation Bible School this week and have been having a blast.  The big news around our house is that we will be building a house in the near future (hopefully sooner than later) but I’m okay with either – I don’t want to rush the process.  I’m normally a pretty pessimistic individual but I’m very glass-is-half-full right now – nice change for me.

The highlight of my days continues to be the small things with the kids.  Addie is discovering the power of words and how she can use them to express her sense of humor.  Gracie relishes in any alone time she can get with either me or Rusty.  Tonight we sang The Ants Go Marching while trying on outfits complete with jewelry.  Of course we had to make up our own lyrics so our ants that went marching 8 by 8 stopped to buy shark bait.  She was all giggles when we couldn’t stop saying the Nemo line, “Sharkbait!  Hoo ha ha!”

And last but not least, Will questioned if he could start shaving (remember he is 5).  He said he would do it without the “laser” – this after feeling my smooth legs.  I told him that boys don’t shave their legs but then asked him if he knew what boys did shave.  He said, “Uh, huh – their tummies and chests.”

No, Rusty has not taken up body building.

Running is Like a Defecating Bear

GRAVITY Experiment Days #51, #52 & #53

Today’s weight:  143.0

Pounds lost / pounds to go:  7.5 / 7.5

Exercise:  Day of rest today; GRAVITY training on the Total Gym for 30 min on Friday; walking in the neighborhood across the street (the hilly one) for 30 min on Saturday

I had a really stressful day at work on Thursday.  It wasn’t one particular thing, just a bunch of little stuff that all added up to one frazzled me.  The cool thing is that instead of hitting the dark chocolate M&M stash, I jumped on the treadmill and ran.  It was the best thing I could have done – decent workout and I didn’t have the guilt that goes along with a chocolate binge;-)

The next day, I was sore.  I can still feel the effects of that run in my hamstrings and right calf three days later.  I run because it’s easy and I can burn a heck of a lot of calories in a short amount of time.  It’s just never been “my thing.”   I was telling one of my patients (who loves to run) what I did.  She cracks me up – she is one of those total running addicts who lives for the sport and will run rain or shine.

I’ve determined that running is like a bad lawn ornament to me (see below).  I snapped the picture below at a salvage place in Nashville today.  Some might think that these sitting monkeys are to-die-for but I am not one of those people.  I think these are one of the most hideous ornaments I’ve ever seen.  No matter how long I stare at these monkeys, position them, or paint them – I will never like them.

I want one for each side of the entry (to kick)

When I was growing up, there was this really nice section of homes in our neighborhood that we would drive by every now and then.  One of the largest homes in the neighborhood had a stone statue of a bear in the front yard.  Honest to goodness, the bear looked like he was squatting to relieve himself.  We nicknamed him the pooping bear.  The pooping bear undoubtedly cost thousands of dollars.  Evidently, there was a market for stone replicas of wildlife defecating – it just wasn’t anything I would ever embrace or enjoy.

Running is like the pooping bear to me.  It might be all that and more to someone else, but no matter how much I try to like it, I fear it will just be a sqatting nightmare to me.

“They” Sure are Smart

GRAVITY Experiment Days #49 & #50

Yesterday’s weight:  144.o

Pounds lost / pounds to go:  6.5 / 8.5

Exercise:  Ran a 5K loop on the treadmill today in 26:50 – first time I ran the whole thing with no walking breaks; Roman lifts with heaviest Versabar we have, bicep curls with PowerBlock dumbbells, Get-Delt-With-It with 5# dumbbells, gluteal series with no weight

Since when did “they” become the experts?  You know who I’m talking about…they say this restaurant isn’t worth the money…they say this movie is really good…they say this is going to be the hottest toy this Christmas…they say this helps you lose weight.

To illustrate, take the recent flooding we had in our area.  There were rumors running rampant about roads closing, the city turning off the water, and dwindling supplies of the necessities.  It was nutso – local hysteria perpetuated by they.

One of the biggest rumors was the pending closing of an interstate bridge – my route home.  Around 10:00 in the morning, we were told we had 30 minutes to get home before they closed it.  When I crossed over it at 10:30, there were no signs of officials ready to divert hundreds of vehicles.  When I crossed over again at 11:00, there was still no they to be seen.  This didn’t stop a local radio show from announcing it was already closed and multiple Facebook users from saying I better get home.

I was even on the phone with a friend when I crossed over for the third time at 11:15.  I was told that wasn’t possible because they planned to shut it down at 11:00.  I guess me physically being on the open bridge was not enough.  They had more sway over firsthand knowledge from a trusted friend no less!

For all we know, they might be Aunt Bessie in Tuscaloosa.  Since when did Aunt Bessie get to have so much control over our lives?

I’m a Grownup – When Did That Happen?

GRAVITY Experiment Days #47 & #48

Pounds lost / pounds to go:  7.5 / 7.5 (it’s not going to be pretty tomorrow – I’m feeling fluffy)

Exercise:  30 min GRAVITY training yesterday (lower body emphasis) and 30 min interval training today as per previous posts (boring I know).  I’m going to order a workout book from Total Gym (hopefully this week) that gives me some more “put together” workouts.

I have officially become my parents.  I used to groan growing up when Mom and Dad would listen to talk radio while we were in the car.  Remember that I grew up outside of St. Louis, home of KMOX 1120 AM.  Mom and Dad had it on what seemed to be all the time.  I don’t really remember ever actually listening to it – I thought everyone sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher.

Peanuts Teacher on YouTube

Now, whenever we are in or around St. Louis, I turn it on just because it’s comfortable.  If I’m lucky, there will be a Cards game on and the best memories of growing up flood back.

Well, I have become a talk radio junkie.  Between driving to and from work and carting the kiddos around, I feel like it’s the only way I can keep up on news.  It’s probably also why I don’t know the lyrics to any songs 😉  Yes, the kids groan and you know what I say?  You guessed it, “Grandma and Grandpa used to make me listen to this – you can decide what to listen to when you are the grownup.”

So here is my tidbit from listening today.  I think it was Dave Ramsey (not certain) but the point was that “you should never make a decision based on fear.”  It made me stop and think.  We all make decisions day in and day out.

How many of those decisions do we make based on objective facts and prayerful guidance?  How many do we make based on assumptions, false evidence, or fear of what may (or may not) happen?

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